Q: Can I use the 120V strands for 12V lighting?

A: Yes. You can use the 120V strands for 12V. You MUST cut off the male plug end to do so. Then connect the string to your low voltage cable and transformer to run the 12V lamps.


Q: What maximum span is recommended before one would need to use the suspended cable kit?

A: We recommend up to a 20’ expanse before needing to use the suspended cable kit.  This helps prevent the stretching and pulling of the wire at the drop points over time. Using a suspended cable also prevents the lights from blowing as much in the wind and having less of a swag when spanning a long distance.


Q: Can I use 12V lamps with the 120V strands?

A: No. Plugging into a 120V circuit with 12V lamps installed will blow out each of the lamps.


Q: What is the recommended maximum distance to run a 12V string?

A: We recommend no longer than a 200’ run depending on the tap you use on the transformer (ex. 12V, 13V, 15V). The 12V lamps have a range of 10-13V for optimal performance. You can always test the voltage drop at the end of a run with a voltmeter to determine if you can go longer.


Q: What is the recommended maximum distance to run a 120V string?

A: For 120V, we recommend a run no longer than 300’. The range of the 120V lamps is 110-130V. Test voltage drop with a voltmeter to determine if you can go longer or not?


Q: Are the 120V & 12V lamps dimmable?

A: Yes. Both the 120V & 12V lamps are fully dimmable.


Q: Why would I buy a 330’ spool?

A: Using the spool will allow you to do custom installations cut to length without wasting any of the socket wire. It will also let you do longer continuous runs without splices.


Q: How long is the cable rope in the Suspended Cable kit?  

A: The cable rope in the kit is 110’ long.


Q: Can I use the 330’ spool for 120V installations?

A: Yes. However, when doing 120V installations, it is required and very important to follow all local and state laws and regulations for working with 120V power. You may be able to do an installation but may need to hire an electrician to make the connections. You must use proper UL listed connectors and components. Always use caution when working with 120V.


Q: How can I dim the 120V lamps?

A: You can use an LED dimmer switch. There are many options available.


Q: How can I dim the 12V lamps?

A: Use a low voltage dimmer that goes between the transformer and the string. We have found the Brilliance LED Low Voltage Dimmer to work very well.