Prime Patio is our way of revolutionizing the patio lighting industry to make it affordable and appealing to the home consumer and businesses around the world. The Prime Patio brand was brought to market as the result of over 10 years of sourcing and distributing decorative lighting products for the green industry. 

Designed specifically for Landscape Contractors, Prime Patio promises quality, energy, efficiency, and beauty; as well as a great opportunity to grow sales in the outdoor living space. Our goal is to make it simple and fun to professionally install patio lights that enhance any outdoor space. From kits to bulbs to wire, Prime Patio offers everything needed for a patio lighting install. 

Why Prime Patio?

One Stop Shop: Prime Patio sells a complete line of “A” list items for a 12- and 120-volt patio lighting system. You won’t need to deal with multiple vendors to gather all the components.

Educational Services: Selling your patio lighting to a customer is much easier when you understand the product line. So as one of the most important areas in bringing on a new product line, we have placed a great focus on developing extensive training for every area of your business: inside sales, outside sales, marketing, purchasing, installing, designing, and estimating.

Marketing: Creating awareness about the fact that you offer patio lighting is the first step in the selling process. We provide a full line of materials and tools to help your company be successful in promoting patio lighting.